"The Bounty of yourself is the weight of your soul, which has no price but is the worth of Gold."


I will never sell my soul for anything, no matter the offer. - kk thee Romeo

Necro One - Romeos Theme

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 I have dedicated three albums to Taylor Swift and plan on dedicating five to her, I am currently working on my fourth album.

I started writing music when I was 19. I began with poetry and worked my way up to spoken-word which I did at several venues at my school and locally. I was 20 when I began making music over instrumentals and I was 22 when I began making music for Taylor Swift (2013) after her performance in portland during her RED tour. I started rapping and singing over a guitar and would go along with my own made up melody. Most of the time I would just freestyle rather than write my lyrics. I have written over 800 poems and have a lot of writings to work with when it comes to making a song. When I put my full potential into making a song, I can write,record, and produce a song in about 4 hours on average. Sometimes the words just flow out and its perfect, other times I have to really think hard about it. I currently have been doing shows and recording music as much as I can, I practice daily and wish I had all my non-recorded freestyles because I could make several albums if I did. I have been making music for 7 years now and I am pushing my limits harder for 2018, I'm praying hard its a good year and I accomplish as much as possible. I am 27 years old and I am waiting for something real.

10 songs were not done in a studio

Necro 2 - Romeo's Fall

Necro Three - Romeo's Wait

Necro 4 - Romeo's Wonder (In The Making)

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